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When we all look back on 2020, we will remember the four big headlines: The Pandemic, Brexit, Black Lives Matter and the American elections.

As a company we were offered an opportunity to explore how we might respond to the Black Lives Matter campaign. Board members, office staff and some of our freelance team participated in a really interesting workshop (via zoom, obviously).

It was thought-provoking and challenged our perceptions of race, racism and the experiences of those different from us. We confirmed our commitment to equality and our desire to make a stand against racism and contribute to a richer and more diverse society.

As a small company it sometimes feels easy to make excuses as to why there isn’t greater diversity within our team and audiences, but our size can also play to our advantage in being responsive and able to implement change without layers of bureaucracy.

Our strap line is ‘Theatre anywhere for everyone’ and we want to do better.

So far, we have:

- Formed an Equality & Diversity sub-committee of our board of trustees
- Appointed an Equality & Diversity Champion on our board
- Attended a range of training events

We plan to write an anti-racism statement in early 2021 and make pledges to remove barriers and show greater diversity in all aspects of our work.

We will share our progress with you.