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2024 Casting

We tour by canal, river and road to over 130 venues across the country, taking professional theatre to non-theatre venues.


This is a small-scale tour which requires actors to do get ins and get outs, travel in a transit van and navigate a 72 foot narrowboat (full training will be given). Please clearly state if you drive in your application. There will be a cast of four actor-musicians.

Show Details

We have commissioned two new pieces of writing and we are recruiting actor musicians who will perform the 2 shows in rep as part of our team of four.

‘Jennie Lee’

The extraordinary life and adventures of the radical MP, Jennie Lee

  • Writer & Lyricist – Lindsay Rodden
  • Director – Marianne McNamara
  • Composer – Sonum Batra
  • Musical Director and Arranger – Rob Cooper
  • Designer – Celia Perkins

‘Common Ground’

Grab your boots and waterproof, and join us for a hike through history

  • Writer & Lyricist – Poppy Hollman
  • Director – Gitika Buttoo
  • Composer – Dan McGlade
  • Musical Director and Arranger – Rebekah Hughes
  • Designer – Celia Perkins


Casting Breakdown

Each performer must:

  • Be a strong character actor with the ability to play multiple roles
  • Have a good ear for accents
  • Be vocally strong and have a good ear for harmonies
  • Play at least one portable instrument to a high standard



We are looking for someone to play Jennie Lee alongside multiple roles in our two different productions for our 2024 tour.

This actor must have the ability to do a strong Scottish accent

Born in 1929, Jennie Lee left her coal-mining family in Scotland to become Westminster’s youngest MP – so young that, as a woman, she couldn’t even vote for herself.


We are looking for a global majority artist to play Mira alongside multiple roles in our two different productions for our 2024 tour.

Mira is a social media influencer who has made money quickly allowing her to buy a huge house and some land in the countryside.

However, she feels out of place and finds it alienating, encountering people who are snobbish or judgemental. She grew up in a city, in a family where walking or countryside access wasn’t a priority. Will she be able to break down the barriers that prevent her from feeling welcome?


We are looking for a male identifying actor musician to complete our team of four.

This must be a versatile actor who has the ability to multi role in our two different productions for our 2024 tour.



The overall dates are: 11th March – 19th October 2024 (including paid holiday periods)


£575.00 per week (based on 6 days per week when on tour) with all tour related travel & accommodation paid.

Artistes are classed as self-employed and are fully responsible for all declarations necessary under statutory laws for Inland Revenue, National Insurance and Customs & Excise.


We will hold Zoom auditions in the first instance, followed by a recall in Marsden, West Yorkshire (we will pay a contribution towards this)


Via Spotlight.

If you are not on spotlight, please email a CV and headhsot to mikronproduction@gmail.com

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