Our Impact

Our Vision

Theatre anywhere for everyone, by canal, river and road

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver professional theatre to people’s doorsteps, in relaxed environments. We’re committed to nurturing emerging artists, and commissioning new writing.

Our Values

Mikron is committed to:

  • Nurturing new talent
  • Making theatre accessible to all
  • Enabling communities and venues to host events
  • Telling stories about uniquely British things
  • Respecting and listening to both our workforce and audiences
  • Ethical procurement as locally as possible
  • Exploring Britain’s heritage, zeitgeist moments in history, concerns or issues of the day
  • To produce plays with a social conscience
  • Forging partnerships with like-minded organisations

Mikron has had an enormous impact on the cultural life of British communities over the last 49 years.
We connect with people who wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunity to see professional, engaging live theatre.

Our ongoing evaluation and impact assessments tells us that we really do make a difference.

Read our latest annual report for a more in depth look at what we’ve achieved.

Please note, our 2019 annual report was due to be written as the pandemic hit. We will next provide a annual report when time and budgets allow.
For financial statements, see you can view our Charity Commission returns.


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