We annually commission two new scripts with original music, that we perform ‘in rep’ touring by road in spring and autumn and, in summer, on board our historic narrowboat, Tyseley. Established in 1972, we have been touring professional theatre to canal and riverside venues by inland waterways for 50 years.

Our work is rooted in social history and contemporary movements, rarely explored in an artistic context, with the specific aim of increasing audiences’ awareness of important events, their context, their relevance to contemporary issues, and in opening debate and inviting curiosity.

Raising Agents

Raising Agents Poster image

Bunnington WI is a bit down-at-heel.
Dwindling membership means they can barely afford the hall, let alone a decent speaker. So when a PR guru becomes a member, the women are glad of new blood. Initially.

On the threshold of one century into the next, this tale of hobbyists and lobbyists asks how much we should know our past or how much we should let go of it.

Above all else, like the WI itself, Raising Agents is a story of friendship.

Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night Poster image

The weather is changing. And Hayley must tell the world, hold onto her brolly and her microphone, and walk into the eye of the storm.

Bring your anorak. And maybe your factor 50.

Well, you never know.

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