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Your support for Mikron can come in all shapes and sizes.

As a small arts charity, we wouldn’t survive without the hundreds of people up and down the country who help promote shows, move our van or even wash clothes for the cast!

There are also ways to support Mikron financially, all of which are listed below.

Thank you in advance for you support.

Support a Mikron Performance

From as little as £200 you can be a show supporter, with a host of benefits for you, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will help us to continue develop new writers, actors and venues up and down the country.

400 Club

From £1 per month, our monthly prize draw that pays out 3 prizes every month. When fully subscribed, this club will raise £2,400 a year for Mikron, which will fund the entire composition and writing of the songs for a brand new Mikron show, and £2,400 in annual prize money!


We source lovely goodies and make sure they arrive with you as soon as we can. Merchandise is available during our events and in our online shop. Every penny spent on the shop helps Mikron develop new shows and tours.

Host Mikron

All we need is space to perform, we don’t need any technical equipment, we tour 2 lighting tripods (if required) and we don’t use amplification or microphones. If you don’t have chairs, we can simply ask people to bring their own.