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Host a Mikron show

We already have a waiting list for our 2018 season, with more venue enquiries than nights available! We’re so lucky to be in this situation, and thank everybody who has made enquiries already.

How much does it cost?

There are different ways of working with us.
The easiest thing to do is give us a ring!

What facilities do you as a host need?

Not much!
All we need is space to perform, inside or out (away from noisy roads etc.)
We don’t need any technical equipment, we tour 2 lighting tripods (if required) and we don’t use amplification or microphones.
If you don’t have chairs, we can simply ask people to bring their own.

How do we sell tickets?

1. Tickets can be sold by you in whichever way you choose (cash, ‘phone, online)
2. By us via ‘phone or our website
3. You may host us on a ‘pay what you will’ collection basis, therefore no tickets are required

How do you market a show?

We are always here to help!
One of the best forms of publicity is word of mouth.
We have very regular contact with each venue, especially if you’re a new venue. We’ll do everything we can to fill your venue, and working together with you as a host is crucial.

Here’s what we’ll do:

• Six weeks before each event – Mikron will send out printed literature to venues (posters, flyers and season brochures)
• Six weeks before – Mikron will send press releases through to venues for local newsletters
• Four weeks before each event – Mikron will call venues to check their publicity needs and dispatch more is necessary
• Three weeks before – Mikron will send press releases to local and regional press
• Mikron will send ‘e reminders’ of the following weeks areas to our email mailing list
• Daily from start of tour – updates on facebook and twitter as and when necessary

What time will you arrive?

Usually about 2 hrs before your show start time, here’s a ‘usual’ set of timings for a Mikron show:


2 hours before the show Team arrive at your venue
2 hours before the show Team will set up for the show
1 hour before the show Audience may start to arrive
1/2 hr before the show Team sell programmes etc. & meet and greet
1st half of the show Approx 45 minutes
Interval Approx 15 minutes (you decide!)
2nd half of the show Approx 45 minutes
1 hour after the show The team will have packed the show away
1 1/2 after the show The team will have left – unless you are a pub venue….!


"As ingenious as ever, economically and effectively directed by Marianne McNamara"

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