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New Trustees

You could help steer Mikron’s future
**Update – Applications are now closed.
Thank you to everyone who has applied, we will be in touch with you all very soon**

BSL advert for trustees


We need new trustees

These are strange times, but also times of opportunity and change. With that in mind and looking to build Mikron Theatre Company stronger and better for the future we have decided our Board of Trustees needs new blood and more diversity. We are looking for fresh perspectives, dynamism, passion for the arts and an enthusiasm to support and inspire Mikron.

Some existing trustees are retiring shortly and we don’t have fixed ideas on who should take their place. You could be a person with arts or charity sector expertise already but you could equally well not. Whatever you can bring could help forge Mikron’s future.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure just what a trustee does and what the requirements are. We’ve set out the basics below (and there’s lots more information we can let you have) but the main thing is to let us know if you’re interested. You can find out more about Mikron and our present trustees on our about us pages..

How to apply

If you’d like an informal discussion where you can ask questions and get information please email the board at and title your email ‘Trustee Enquiry’.

If you’d like to apply, the email address is the same, or you can send a letter to the Mikron office.
Please tell us
- a bit about yourself first
- why the role of Mikron trustee interests you
- what you’d like to achieve by joining the board
- what experience or skills you could bring to Mikron

You can include a full CV if that’s convenient, but otherwise just a few sentences addressing each of the points will be fine.

If you’d like to apply by any other method please contact us by email or phone.

Next Steps

The next step will be a meeting with a couple of our trustees, probably online, to discuss your application, explain more about Mikron and what’s involved and to see if you and we both feel happy to proceed.

If shortlisted, you will be invited to come along and experience a board meeting before finally making up your mind.

Our board meetings are friendly, lively and not too formal and you’ll be made welcome.


We are aiming to recruit from December 2020 to March 2021 and there is no set deadline for your application. However, places are limited and when they are filled, recruitment will close.

Basic trustee information

Our trustees are unpaid volunteers. We operate as directors of Mikron Theatre Company and are responsible for seeing that Mikron meets both its charitable objectives and its regulatory requirements as a limited company. You’ll find it’s an enriching experience being a board member, working closely with the enthusiastic and experienced Mikron team and making your own contribution to running an innovative arts organisation successfully. There’s a strong sense of being part of a community, of belonging and being connected which we all enjoy and make the most of both in and out of meetings.

Mikron’s full trustee board meets three times a year but there are additional sub-committees (such as finance) and if you are a member of any of those there will be extra meetings. There are sometimes other occasions when trustees have to offer further time and support to address a particular issue. The pandemic has been a striking example of this. You must be willing to participate actively and get stuck in, even if it’s not with everything.

Trustees serve for a three year term and can offer themselves for re-election twice after that up to a maximum of 9 years.

Mikron meetings this year have been online, mostly via Zoom, and we will continue to schedule most meetings like this and always enable online attendance to suit individual needs. Our aim is to make our meetings as accessible as possible and to provide the necessary support for that to happen. If you would prefer to attend any physical meetings in person but are prevented from doing so by the cost we would be willing to consider reimbursing travel expenses.


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