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Window Appeal

Tyseley desperately needs new windows, not least to prevent the beautiful new interior refurbishment from being water damaged, and we know you love her as you all helped with donations for the refurb!

Think of her like an old friend in need of new glasses, but unlike glasses, Tyseley has a lot of windows -17 in total – so replacement windows are no small outlay.

We’ve worked hard to negotiate the supply, fit, and repaint down to £9639, which is amazing value for such specialist materials and work.

Thank you to all our wonderful Friends of Mikron who have have already made donations so far, raising £3500, nearly 40% of the cost of the work

This is the final part of planned refurbishment. Your donation could make a huge contribution to safeguarding Tylseley’s future for the foreseeable future, making sure she continues to deliver Mikron entertainment to communities the length and breadth of the country for many years to come.

Your contribution will be used wisely.

As you all know, Tyseley is a star in her own right and she saves us £1000s a year by being a beautiful home for our actors, props and costumes. She also ensures that our environmental impact is much lower than most touring theatre companies.

Please donate today. It’s easy: you can do it online, send a cheque, or of course ring us for a chat and we will supply you with our bank details.


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