Anti-Racism in action

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Anti-Racism in action

We have an anti-racism pledge to reflect our continued desire for Mikron to be actively anti-racist and use our influence to be responsive and supportive allies of anti-racism in the society in which we live.


Since attending anti-racism workshops with The What if Experiment (formerly Sour Lemons), we have been on a huge journey.

That journey continues, and you can read all about here, on our anti-racism page.


Artist feedback

Making my professional debut as a composer with Mikron has been a joyful experience. I am a woman of mixed-race heritage and, now in my 50s, I neither expected nor imagined an opportunity like this would ever come my way…But then I was introduced to Mikron and encouraged to apply for a composing role by a playwright who was also granted her first professional commission by Mikron.

Many organisations aspire to be inclusive, but it takes a very special one to successfully transform grand statements of intent into genuine day-to-day committed and effective action.

New and emerging artists, by definition, lack experience and are only just starting to build a body of work. It takes great skill, courage and a steely determination to actively seek out such new talent and then take the leap of faith required to grant a new artist their first professional commission. One of the many wonderful aspects of my journey with Mikron is that their confidence in my abilities has always seemed steadfast, leaving little room for self-doubt. Their support and encouragement throughout the entire creative process has helped me to flourish as a new artist. From my interview for the role, right the way through to opening night of our new play and beyond, I have felt respected as a fellow professional, equal to every other member of the creative team.

It has been a life-changing experience for me and I will forever be thankful and proud to say that I made my professional debut with the mighty theatre company that is Mikron.

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