Plays in the 1980’s

1979/80 Where’s Our. Cut?
1980/81 Mud In Your Eye!
1982/83 Over The Top
1983/84 From Where I Stand
1991/92 A View From The Hills
1983/84/96 Still Carrying
1984/85/94/95 Manchester-Super-Mare
1985/86/87 The British Amazon
1985/86/97 Just The Job
1986/87/88 Speed Your Shuttle (and change your tune)
1987/88 Flight Of Fancy
1988/89 Rise And Fall
1989/90 A Place To Stand

Actors in the 1980’s

1980 Julie Brennon, Mark Strickson, Sarah Wilson.
1981 Thea Bennett, Mark Strickson, Sarah Wilson.
1982 Robert Edmunds, Eluned Owen, Sarah Wilson.
1983 Kate Duchene, Sarah Parks, Mark Williams.
1984 Sue Dyde, Caron Pascoe, Mark Williams.
1985 Jane Griffith, Loulse Waddington, Mark Williams.
1986 Cliff Barry, Jane Griffith, Stephen Holmes, Louise Waddington.
1987 Amanda Edwards, John Elkington, Clive Lucas, Sarah Parks.
1988 Katherine Dow-Blyton, John Elkington, Clive Lucas, Billie Reynolds.
1989 Gillian Baskeyfield, Juliet Heacock, Clive Lucas, John Spooner.
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