Plays in the 2000s

2000 Beer Street
2000/2001 Dont Start From Here
2001/2002 Warehouse Hill
2002/2003 All Steamed Up
2002/2003 Our Victor (One-man show, written and directed by Richard Povall)
2004 On the line
2004 Pedal Power
2005 Village Voices
2005 Wheel Of Fortune
2006 Carrying On
2006 Mrs Brunel
2007 Married To The Job
2007 The Lacemakers
2008 Debtonation
2008/09 Fair Trade
2009 Tales Of The Thames


Actors in the 2000s

2000 Elizabeth Eves, Edmund Harcourt, Richard Povall, Anna Winslet
2001 Tracey Holderness, Rebekah Hughes, Charley Moon, Richard Povall
2002 Kate Buxton, Shelley Halstead, Charley Moon, Peter Toon
2003 Kate Buxton, Charley Moon, Marianne McNamara, Peter Toon
2004 Elizabeth Eves, Marianne McNamara, Robert Took, Peter Toon
2005 Ellen Callender, Laura Sydonie, Robert Took, Daniel Wexler
2006 Emelia Brodie, Ruth Cataroche, Robert Took, Daniel Wexler
2007 Daniel Wexler, Anna Baatz, Ruth Cataroche, Adrian Palmer
2008 Daniel Wexler, Adrian Palmer, Gemma Richardson, Erica Rogers
2009 Adrian Palmer, George Chalmers, Gemma Richardson, Rachel Cartwright


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