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Mikron - PlaysYear
Still Waters Still Waters 1972/73/74
Keep Yer 'Ands Off Keep Yer 'Ands Off 1974/75/82
Up the Cut Up the Cut 1975/76
Puddle It Puddle It 1976/77
I'd Go Back Tomorrow I'd Go Back Tomorrow 1977/78/81
What A Way To Go What A Way To Go 1978/79
Where's Our Cut? Where's Our Cut? 1979/80
Mud In Your Eye Mud In Your Eye 1980/81
Over The Top Over The Top 1982/83
From Where I Stand From Where I Stand 1983/84
A View from the Hills A View from the Hills 1991/92
Still Carrying Still Carrying 1983/84/96
Manchester-Super-Mare Manchester-Super-Mare 1984/85
Machester-Super-Mare Machester-Super-Mare 1994/95
The British Amazon The British Amazon 1985/86/87
Just the Job Just the Job 1985/86/97
Speed Your Shuttle (and change your tune) Speed Your Shuttle (and change your tune) 1986/87/88
Flight of Fancy Flight of Fancy 1987/88
Rise and Fall Rise and Fall 1988/89
A Place to Stand A Place to Stand 1989/90
Free For All Free For All 1990/91
Spirit of the Age Spirit of the Age 1991/92
Imogen's War Imogen's War 1992/93/98
The Threads of Revolution The Threads of Revolution 1993/94
Mikron Logo block Another '45 - one man show by Rodney Matthew 1993
Mikron Logo block The Lyon Mourns - one man show by Rodney Matthew 1994
Beer Street Beer Street 1994/95/ 2000/11
A Woman's Place A Woman's Place 1995/96 2003
If You Go Down to the Woods ... tales from the Newbury by-pass If You Go Down to the Woods ... tales from the Newbury by-pass 1997/98
Just In Time Just In Time 1999
Don't Start From Here Don't Start From Here 2000/01
Warehouse Hill Warehouse Hill 2001/02
All Steamed Up All Steamed Up 2002/03
Mikron Logo block Our Victor (One-man show, written and directed by Richard Povall) 2002/03
On The Line On The Line 2004
Pedal Power Pedal Power 2004/10
Village Voices Village Voices 2005
Wheel Of Fortune Wheel Of Fortune 2005
Mikron Logo block Carrying On 2006
Mrs Brunel Mrs Brunel 2006
Mikron Logo block Married to The Job 2007
Mikron Logo block The Lace Makers 2007
Debtonation Debtonation 2008
Fair Trade Fair Trade 2008/09
Tales of the Thames Tales of the Thames 2009
Striking the Balance Striking the Balance 2010
Hell and High Water Hell and High Water 2011
Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret? 2012
Losing the Plot Losing the Plot 2012
Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil 2013
Don't Shoot The Messenger Don't Shoot The Messenger 2013
Till The Cows Come Home Till The Cows Come Home 2014
Troupers Troupers 2014
One of Each One of Each 2015
Raising Agents Raising Agents 2015
Canary Girls Canary Girls 2016
Pure Pure 2016
Best Foot Forward Best Foot Forward 2017
In At The Deep End In At The Deep End 2017
Get Well Soon Get Well Soon 2018
Revolting Women Revolting Women 2018
All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck 2019
Redcoats Redcoats 2019
Atalanta Forever Atalanta Forever 2021
A Dog's Tale A Dog's Tale 2021


Mikron - ActorsYear
Mike Lucas 1972-85
Danny Schiller, Peter Deman, Roger Oakley, Anne Engel, Kerena Mond, Carinthia West 1972
Brian J Carter, Stephen Churchill, Anne Engel, Antony Heaton, Leonora Keogh, David Shackleton, Stephen Whittaker 1973
Anna Bentinck, Alan Bridger, Richard Robinson 1974
Alan Bridger, Dan Caulfield, Thirzie Robinson 1975
David Brett, Mark Steeves, Ruth Tansey 1976
Buffy Davis, Derek Harman, Matthew Marsh 1977
Jo Fitzgerald, Carmen Lynn, Hilary Rikof 1978
Sandra Moore, Carol Prior, Chris Whittingham 1979
Julie Brennon, Mark Strickson, Sarah Wilson 1980
Thea Bennett, Mark Strickson, Sarah Wilson 1981
Robert Edmunds, Eluned Owen, Sarah Wilson 1982
Kate Duchene, Sarah Parks, Mark Williams 1983
Sue Dyde, Caron Pascoe, Mark Williams 1984
Jane Griffith, Loulse Waddington, Mark Williams 1985
Cliff Barry, Jane Griffith, Stephen Holmes, Louise Waddington 1986
Amanda Edwards, John Elkington, Clive Lucas, Sarah Parks 1987
Katherine Dow-Blyton, John Elkington, Clive Lucas, Billie Reynolds 1988
Gillian Baskeyfield, Juliet Heacock, Clive Lucas, John Spooner 1989
Gillian Baskeyfield, Jacky Hynes, Jon Keats, John Spooner 1990
Clare Fairley, Neil Gore, Janet Hughes, Rodney Matthew 1991
Judith French, Neil Gore, Rebecca Hall, Rodney Matthew 1992
Rebecca Hall, Rodney Matthew,Lucy McAra, Richard Povall 1993
Rodney Matthew, Joanne McGowan,Sandra Osborn, Richard Povall 1994
Edmund Harcourt, Vashti MacLachlan, Joanne McGowan, Richard Povall 1995
Edmund Harcourt, Vashti MacLachlan, Joanne McGowan, Richard Povall 1996
Janet George, Edmund Harcourt, Vashti MacLachlan, Richard Povall 1997
Elizabeth Eves, Vashti MacLachlan, Charley Moon, Richard Povall 1998
Vashti MacLachlan, Richard Povall, Sophie Russell 1999
Elizabeth Eves, Edmund Harcourt, Richard Povall, Anna Winslet 2000
Tracey Holderness, Rebekah Hughes, Charley Moon, Richard Povall 2001
Kate Buxton, Shelley Halstead, Charley Moon, Peter Toon 2002
Kate Buxton, Charley Moon, Marianne McNamara, Peter Toon 2003
Elizabeth Eves, Marianne McNamara, Robert Took, Peter Toon 2004
Ellen Callender, Laura Sydonie, Robert Took, Daniel Wexler 2005
Emelia Brodie, Ruth Cataroche, Robert Took, Daniel Wexler 2006
Anna Baatz, Ruth Cataroche, Adrian Palmer, Daniel Wexler 2007
Adrian Palmer, Gemma Richardson, Erica Rogers, Daniel Wexler 2008
Adrian Palmer, George Chalmers, Gemma Richardson, Rachel Cartwright 2009
Adrian Palmer, Rachel Cartwright, Richard Loosemore, Gemma Richardson 2010
Adrian Palmer, Sally Ann Staunton, Nicola Redman, Dan Wilder 2011
Ruth Cataroche, Nicholas Coutu-Langmead, Caroline Hallam, Robert Took 2012
Ruth Cataroche, Nicholas Coutu-Langmead, Caroline Hallam, Robert Took 2013
Esther-Grace Button, Nicholas Coutu-Langmead, John Holt-Roberts, Jill Myers 2014
Ellen Chivers, Rachael Henley, Steve McCourt, James McLean 2015
Claire Burns, Stephanie Hackett, Matt Jopling, James McLean 2016
Craig Anderson, James McLean, Rose McPhilemy, Claire-Marie Seddon 2017
Christopher Arkeston, Daisy Ann Fletcher, Rosamund Hine, James McLean 2018
Christopher Arkeston, Rachel Benson, Joshua Considine, Elizabeth Robin 2019
Rachel Benson, Thomas Cotran, James McLean, Elizabeth Robin 2021
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